Bride of the Honkeyfest Art Show

Weekly, every Saturday from Saturday, May 5th – Tuesday, May 29th, 2007
10 am to 6 pm

Michelle Cook and Marjie Bassler, two Albuquerque artists poised on the brink of hysteria, plunge into the abyss with BRIDE OF HONKYFEST!, the sequel to last year’s highly-entertaining HONKYFEST! art exhibit. Cats and dogs provide endless inspiration for Cook’s and Bassler’s fun and lively ceramics and paintings, with horses and other animals appearing for good measure. Add lots of bright colors and you have humorous artwork at its finest to bring cheer to your environment. AND it has no greenhouse gas emissions! Michelle’s and Marjie’s work has the Companion Animal Seal of Approval. Dogs smile and even the most critical cats nod with appreciation. You will experience a lifetime of pleasure when you bring home a piece of artwork from the BRIDE OF HONKYFEST! A must-see exhibit for people who love animals and love to laugh
Cost: Free
General Information: Art Gallery 66 is located on historic Route 66 in Bernalillo, NM. It is the home to over 35 artists from all over the world including many local artists
Location & Directions: Take Exit 242 from I-25 turn north at the 550/313 intersection on Historic Route 66, in the direction of Algodones

505-867-8666 or 866-699-8666
Art Gallery 66
373 N Camino del Pueblo
Bernalillo, NM 87004