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Great Beginnings

Clifford Wolfswinkel, the founder of Southwest Properties, began buying land in Arizona in 1958.

Southwest Properties became a pioneer in subdividing and developing Arizona property throughout the next five decades. During this time, numerous other commercial properties were owned, developed and operated. In addition to this, during the 1970’s, the company was farming over 10,000 acres in Arizona. In 1985, when the Midwest had its farm crisis, Wolfswinkel began selling his Arizona properties and buying farms in Iowa. At this time, he was approached by Fortune Magazine, which was doing a story on Farmland Gamblers. In a little over two years, he put together a 25,000-acre portfolio in the richest farmland areas of Minnesota, North Dakota and Iowa. The family continued to farm until most of the land was sold in 1994 and the profits re-invested in Arizona.

Clifford Wolfswinkel led the organization until his untimely death in 1988. Before his death, he had brought three of his children into the company. The children have purchased the company from their mother and three of them now handle operations.

Meet the Developers

principlesPrinciples of Southwest PropertiesFamily owned and operated, Southwest Properties, Inc. has been developing communities in the southwest United States since its inception in 1958. Southwest Properties, (along with its local brokerage and sales entity, Hitching Post Land Company) has been developing in New Mexico since 1993. Hitching Post Land Company is staffed with friendly, professional people who are there to answer your questions with the highest level of courtesy, service and respect.

Southwest Properties, and its affiliated companies, were founded on the principles of honesty and integrity. Every community we build provides its owners with the American dream of owning real estate. We are dedicated to providing our owners with land that has natural beauty, character, and a sense of community through property owner associations. Attention to detail and unsurpassed experience in development of these types of communities, while coordinating and complying with all county, state and federal regulations, assure you that proper steps have been taken to protect your investment now and in the future.

Southwest Properties, along with our knowledgeable sales staff at Hitching Post Land Company, are committed to helping clients make informed decisions by providing complete, accurate and expert guidance throughout their buying experience. Our customer support staff can answer any questions you may have about your contract and financing information now or at anytime after you are a new owner in one of our communities.

Penny Wolfswinkel is president of Southwest Properties and oversees commercial property acquisition, zoning, new project development and dispositions.

David Wolfswinkel is the corporate real estate broker and manages subdivision sales and marketing as well as the planning and development of bulk land sales acquisitions.

Kathy Aleman is in charge of portfolio management, planning, financing and runs the farming operations.