Escape the City!!!

The new urge to move to rural areas

There’s been evidence of urban Americans moving out of the big cities en route to rural locations. Perhaps its those looking to do something different. Perhaps its those who can no longer afford the big city taxes, rents, etc. Either way, the potential for a mass exodus from big cities, post Covid, is a real one.

It Makes Sense

Greater population density makes social distancing nearly impossible. Large concentrations of people in offices, apartment complexes, etc., do not leave much room for spacing out 6 feet apart. Conversely, rural communities makes social distancing not only easier, but practically automatic. This is due to the lower density environment.

Quemado, New Mexico

Advantages vs. Disadvantages

If you can handle the stark differences in lifestyle changes rural living brings, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages in our opinion.

Cleaner Environment
  • Less Traffic = Better Air Quality
  • Cleaner Food Too! You have a choice to shop more locally or in smaller markets instead of large chain grocers. Plus, it is easier to grow your own food in rural areas.
Less Expensive Housing

While the increase in ones value of their home is something to be celebrated, those increased values also come at a cost. For one, property taxes increase. While you may get a profit on the sale of your current home, the next one you purchase will likely be even more expensive. That is, unless you move more rural!

For what you sell your home for in a metropolitan area, you are likely able to purchase a home in a more rural location for cash! Homes in rural areas are a fraction of the cost of a similar property in a large city. Lower purchase price equates to lower mortgage payments, thus meaning – more cash in your pocket for the things you enjoy.

Remote Work is a Real Option for Many

While working remotely has been around for the past few decades, it has gained popularity in the past year given the circumstances surrounding Covid-19. It is proving to be beneficial for both businesses and employees. Brick and mortar offices are expensive to maintain. Many businesses are realizing this is an expense they can do without, thus giving the employees the ability to work from anywhere in the country.

A Few Obstacles do arise with going rural

While there are many advantages that might favor a move to a rural location, the move would also bring about challenges.

Limited Access to Technology

Many rural areas have difficulties providing high speed internet or even cell service. This can prove detrimental if needing to work remotely from home.

Lack of Social Outlets

If you are moving from a big city where you have become accustomed to the conveniences of fast food, restaurants, movie theaters, malls, etc., this move to a rural location might give you a bit of culture shock.

The Gatherin’ Place Cafe – Pie Town, NM
Education Options for Children

The quality of public schools vary from one community to another when dealing in rural areas. You may only have one option for miles. The flip side to this is that you are moving your child into a community that is slower paced and more personal. Private school options may be obsolete as well in more rural areas.

Aside from grammar school, colleges and universities are likely further in proximity as well.

In Conclusion…

There are many convincing arguments to make the move to a more rural location, but the challenges are of a similar strength. It’s possible to plan for them as long as you do your research before you make the jump. With social unrest and urban crime rate spiking, many want to make sure they are safe and prepared for the future.  If this pandemic has you thinking about moving to a more rural area, to put some land between you and your neighbors, the possibilities are endless all across the country, especially here in New Mexico!