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Ponderosa Views Ranch FAQs

May I use the land while I’m paying for it and when do I receive a deed to my property?
Yes. From the very day you sign the contract, the land is yours to use and enjoy. New Mexico Escrow Solutions holds the Deed to your property while you are making payments. Upon full payment of the Purchase Price for your property, New Mexico Escrow Solutions will send you the Deed to the property, which gives you free and clear title. Sunwest Title Abstract Company will also issue a Title Insurance Policy on the property you have purchased.

To whom do I make my payments and how will I know I have received proper credit for my payments?
Your payments, except for the down payment, will be made to New Mexico Escrow Solutions (not the developer or seller). New Mexico Escrow Solutions will properly account for all your payments. The Escrow Company, acting as a third party, will keep track of your balance and payments at all times and will indicate when the purchase price is paid in full.

Can I camp on my land in the meantime?
Yes. You may use your property for recreational use or a temporary residence during construction, but for no more than six (6) months in any calendar year.

Is there a penalty for paying off my land early?
There is absolutely no prepayment penalty. Your monthly payment check is applied to your account balance using simple interest on the unpaid balance. Extra monthly payments will be applied directly to the principal. This lowers your balance, reducing the interest you pay on your purchase. You should receive your payment booklet from the Escrow Company within 4 to 6 weeks after closing.

Is there a property owner’s association or any restrictions on the property?
The Developer has established the Ponderosa Views Landowners’ Association, Inc. whose main purpose is to maintain the roads within Ponderosa Views and to enforce the restrictions. Maintaining the access roads within the development will allow our Landowners good access to their parcels in the future and help to enhance and preserve property values.

Can I hunt on the property?
Not within the Ponderosa Views boundaries.

Is there any timeframe in which I have to build?
No, but you are required to pay your annual landowners’ assessments.

Can I build a modular home?
Yes. Refer to the required guidelines in Section 10 of the recorded CC & R document you receive at the time of purchase.

Is there a minimum buildable square footage required for a home?
Yes, 800 square feet.

Can I build a guest house?
Yes, and it can be inhabited on a full-time basis.

Do I have sewer hook-up?
No, you will be required to install a septic system when you build.

What animals can I have?
Livestock, including horses, ponies, llamas, cows, donkeys, sheep and other such live animals, are allowed in the development, as well as dogs and cats. No pigs are allowed with the exception of school or 4-H projects. Dogs must be kept on leashes or within the boundaries of the Owner’s property. Dogs shall not be allowed to roam freely throughout the development.

Is natural gas available on site?
No. There is a propane supplier available in Quemado.

Is the internet available on site?
No, but satellite service may be obtained from a wireless internet provider.

Can I run a commercial business from my lot?
Business or commercial ventures may be conducted on any of the lots provided (a) such use is incidental to the primary use of the lot for residential purposes and (b) that such business or commercial venture must be and are fully contained inside one or more buildings. Such use shall not interfere with the quiet enjoyment of the adjacent lots or of the Common Area.

Can I subdivide my land again?
No. The Ponderosa Views CC & R’s do not allow any further subdividing of your land.

Are there any medical facilities nearby?
Yes. There is a general medical and surgical hospital in Grants, 54 miles away. There is also a full service hospital 86 miles west in Springerville, Arizona, and a fully staffed clinic in Reserve, New Mexico 89 miles away. There is an ambulance and EMT service in Pie Town.