Covid Crisis Creates Work Space with a View

Since its explosion in to our country at the beginning of 2020, the Covid-19 crisis has forced many businesses to re-think how they do business. From the large commercial buildings housing hundreds of employees, to the small mom and pop shops. Companies have had to re-evaluate how their employees interact. Not only with each other, but with their customers. Businesses are now realizing that they can afford to do without the overhead costs of brick and mortar office spaces.

The ability to work remotely has some workers reconsidering where they’ve chosen to live. The Pew Research Center has said more than one-fifth of U.S. adults have either changed their residence, or know someone who has, due to the Covid pandemic. For instance, college students have left campus to return home to avoid overcrowded dormitories. Laid off workers whom are now unable to afford their current housing have been forced to move. And many are leaving communities they feel are unsafe.

Relocation becomes a real possibility for many

This trend to move away from urban areas and into more rural areas does not appear to be a fleeting one. If you’re lucky enough to work from home, the new question arises of where will home be? The appeal of more time with family and less time commuting seems to be quite appealing for millions of Americans.

With a work window view like these, who could blame them?!

Millions have been working from home since lock-downs began in the spring. As a result, some companies are now looking to do this permanently. HR professionals believe remote work will continue to grow even as the pandemic subsides. Home buyers are now seeking out larger homes and properties as the demand to be socially distanced expands. Importantly, as remote work and learning continue, the need for more space at home seems to be a real one for many families.

Will the remote-work model be the new normal? Will the ability to work remotely encourage people to sprawl even farther into exurban locations, far from the city? We think so, but only the future will tell.

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