The End of an Era: Mary Mac’s in Magdalena Bids Farewell July 15, 2012

Good times @ Mary Macs (Photos courtesy of Kelly Gatlin, La Luz Photography)

Direct from the owner, Ann Fillion:

I have made the decision to close Mary Mac’s Cafe in Magdalena next month.   There have been problems with the building and ownership that are not being resolved.  We have a great staff and have been continually building a solid clientele which has made it hard for me to make this decision.

Thank you so much for supporting Mary Mac’s!  We will be open through Sunday, July 15th.  Regular hours, plenty of food through the Old Timer’s weekend. Hope you can stop by!  Daily specials, pies, and cakes.  Not to mention ICE CREAM!

This will be my last restaurant venture.  Everything restaurant related is for sale.  If you would like to see the list of items for sale when it is ready, please email me here. Nothing will leave until Monday, July 16th. This includes the map tables, antique display case, as well as the restaurant equipment and smallwares, both in use at Mary Mac’s and the items stored in Datil.

The list will be available online soon.

Have a wonderful day!


Good-bye, Mary Mac’s – we’ll miss you!